Sunday, April 8

contoh lesson plan (asking certainty and respond certainty)

This is the example of Listening skill lesson plan (asking and responding certainty). the sample of its activity i'll in the next post.

Aims: by the end of the lesson students will be better able to practice asking for certainty and responding to uncertainty. 

1. Lead in 
  • Ask students to observe pictures of some drinks. 
  • Ask students to list some drinks. 
  • Ask students to observe some dialogue. 
  • Ask students to list some drink being discussed in the dialogue. 
  • Ask students to underline the expression of asking certainty and responding to uncertainty in the dialogue. 

2. Main activity 
  • Ask students to ask their 10 classmates whether they can make drinks. While asking, they fill their observation table. Before the activity, give students a short example how to ask using the expression of asking for certainty and respond to uncertainty. 
  • Ask students to report to the class. 

untuk contoh classroom activity
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